Secretariat Reborn – a 2013 novel about a Secretariat Clone

Secretariat Reborn cover

Secretariat Reborn is about Christian Roberts, a easy-going sailor of twenty-five, lives aboard his sloop on Sarasota Bay and makes a living, renting out small boats to the tourists. He visits his estranged and ill father, an Ocala horse trainer and is given a red thoroughbred colt. Fulfilling his father’s dying wish and dream, Christian promises to race the horse, a promise that will forever change and possibly end his life. He enters the underworld of horse racing and encounters crooked trainers, mobsters, and wealthy sheiks while being stalked by a deranged ex-girlfriend. But his biggest problem is the colt, a clone of Secretariat, is fraudulently registered and illegal to race.

Secretariat Reborn is published by Oceanview Publishing, and the novel will be available Oct. 1, 2013 as a hardback in bookstores and e-book through The launch party and book signing will be Oct. 16, 2013 from 4 to 7 PM at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron on City Island.

About the author – Susan Klaus was born in Sarasota, Fla. and has had an extensive career with animals from a business selling rabbits as a child, to a pet groomer of 30 years, to exhibiting dogs in obedience trails, to breeding show cats and founding the Fiesta Cat Fanciers Club, and has bred and raced Thoroughbred horses. Currently, she is raising rodeo bulls. She was the owner of Lil Critters Pet and Grooming Shop in Sarasota and Lil Critters Grooming Shop in Bradenton and for 10 years she worked at The Animal Health Center.

She has been published and featured in several magazines including Cats, ELL, and SRQ. She wrote her first novel, a fantasy about mermaids in 1982. In 2004, she wrote and self-published The Golden Harpy that received rave reviews in the press, The Venice Gondolier saying “…could easily compete with some of today’s best sellers.” It was followed in 2007 by The Golden Harpy II, Feather Lost on the Wind. In 2005 she founded and is still president of The Sarasota Authors Connection Club, presently 230 members and is the web radio host and co-producer of The Authors Connection Show with 15 million listeners in 148 countries. In 2009 she rewrote The Golden Harpy and re-titled it Flight of the Golden Harpy, and it won the Florida Writers’ Royal Palm Literary award for Best Science Fiction Manuscript of 2010. She also penned her first suspense/thriller novel, Secretariat Reborn.