Should Hansen be a horse of a different color?

Eclipse Award winner Hansen

Eclipse Award winner Hansen

Should Hansen be a horse of a different color? Hansen, the defending divisional champion, Union Rags and the unbeaten Algorithms are currently the most prominent horses among the 2012 Kentucky Derby contenders. It seems there are new plans for Hansen. They are very “different” plans than most expected to hear about Hansen.

Dr. Kendall Hansen, co-owner and breeder of champion two-year-old male Hansen, suggested in his blog on the Louisville Courier-Journal website that he may color the mane and tail of the gray or roan colt for his upcoming races, including the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Dr. Hansen said in his blog that Hansen’s trainer, Mike Maker, is on board.

Hansen may not be a horse of a different color but he is a horse of a color rare in young thoroughbreds. Hansen is technically grey or roan but in fact, he is almost-white which is more typical of a much older grey.

In his next race, Hansen will have a bright blue tail and blue-and-yellow mane to match the owner’s silks. Subsequently, Dr. Hansen proposes leaving the decision on color scheme to the colt’s fans. “If this is as fun and popular as I hope it will be,” Hansen writes,” … perhaps for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, we will let fans choose the color.”

There are many that feel Hansen, champion 2-year-old of 2011, Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner, will become a circus horse and the subject of ridicule. They feel that coloring the tail and mane of Hansen will take away from the beauty of the horse and any achievements he may make in racing.

They have gone so far as to say – Is that anyway to treat an Eclipse Award winning horse? Why stop there? Feathers in the mane, brightly colored of course, would make a fashion statement. Or, let’s give him a Mohawk? Maybe he needs paid advertising? How about talking to Go Or they could paint him like a stock car. Maybe body Piercings?

Others feel that having the tail and mane of Hansen in different colors will be fun and racing fans will enjoy his colors. Middle of the roaders have said – how about just putting colored hair extensions braided in the mane. Kind of a punk rock look! Come to think of it – any coloring will look punk rock, won’t it?

How do you feel? Should the owners of Hansen color his tail and mane for a race? Or should they let him just be his natural color.