Kentucky Derby horse owner searches for Normandy Invasion vets

Betsy and Rick Porter at the Eclipse Awards

We heard about a great story on Soldiers’ Angels Germany Blog.

The blogger’s sister is Jeannine Edwards who is an ESPN horse racing analyst and they posted this:

“As many of you know, my sister Jeannine Edwards works as a sideline reporter and analyst for ESPN. She’s been involved in thoroughbred horse racing for over 20 years and will be covering the Derby this year, as always, although NBC is broadcasting the actual race.

She has a special request:
A horse owner I know, Rick Porter of Fox Hill Farm, has a horse in the Kentucky Derby this year named “Normandy Invasion”. Rick is a true Patriot and actually went to Normandy for the 50th anniversary of the invasion. He said it gives you chills to see it.

He would like to do something special at the Derby with the horse. He’s trying to find any surviving vets who were in the Normandy invasion and invite them to Churchill Downs for the race and a photo op with the horse. He’s already been already contacted by 2 guys but would love to have more. This could be a very neat thing.

FYI, Rick almost got out of racing entirely in 2008 when his filly Eight Belles broke both her front legs after finishing 2nd in the Derby. Most tragic thing I’ve ever seen. It nearly destroyed him; he’s a real animal lover. I’d like to help him with this.

If you know anyone who is interested, and preferably lives in the Kentucky area (although others considered), please contact Rick Porter directly at   The Derby is May 4.”

The Normandy Invasion took place on June 6, 1944. There was 160,000 Allied Forces that took part in the D-Day invasion which would change the course of WWII.

What a wonderful story and we hope to see as many veterans as possible of the Normandy Invasion at the 2013 Kentucky Derby in Louisville. Hats off to Rick Porter!