Who will win the 2012 Kentucky Derby? Confused?

A handicapping method?

So you are worried because you and your friends disagree  on who will win the 2012 Kentucky Derby.  Let me tell you – if you think you disagree with your friends, you need to just take a look at the sports writers. We saw the chart below and had to laugh. Everyone has opinions and possible winners for the 138th Run for the Roses.

Many suggest consulting the “experts” to pick a winner but then you still have differences of opinions. One could actually try to handicap and look great when you win and like a fool when you don’t.

For years, Louisville locals felt Pat Day deserved the win and put their money on him. It payed off when Lil E. Tee won in 1992 but that is the only year Pat Day won. During Derby week, many people who know nothing about horse racing will bet while they are having fun.  We have seen odds change on horses when the only possible reason could be the name of the horse (a girls name, Aunt Betty or ?).  Others stand by the betting windows hoping to overhear something that will help. Racetrack touts used to abound at the tracks to give you their opinions on a horse.  Another favorite is the grey angle, that is, if it is a grey horse it will win.  You can try using the program as a dart board – just  close your eyes and move your pen towards the program and where the pen lands on the program,  that is your horse. Then there is that point that many of us have hit when we just put our $2.00 down on the longest shot on the board and hope.

So if it is any help, here is what “experts” are saying today. It is still 8 days to Derby Day.  Our Kentucky Derby Tours cannot wait!  Whatever you do, good luck and remember to have fun!