Little change in odds as we start off Derby Day at Churchill Downs

Churchill_Downs_entranceBetting for the 142nd Kentucky Derby opened yesterday at Churchill Downs. As the paramutuel windows open on 2016 Kentucky Derby Day, May 7th at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky the odds have changed little from Mike Battaglia’s opening odds. All horse racing fans will either be at Churchill Downs today or watching the Derby on TV.

Derby win odds based on on-track wagers are: Trojan Nation, 43-1; Suddenbreakingnews, 25-1; Creator, 16-1; Mo Tom, 18-1; Gun Runner, 9-1; My Man Sam, 18-1; Oscar Nominated, 38-1; Lani, 27-1; Destin, 19-1; Whitmore, 34-1; Exaggerator, 5-1; Tom’s Ready, 42-1; Nyquist, 2-1; Mohaymen, 12-1; Outwork, 27-1; Shagaf, 74-1; Mor Spirit, 12-1; Majesto, 66-1; Brody’s Cause, 22-1, and Danzing Candy, 31-1.

Based on the double will-pays from throughout the country, Nyquist is the top choice, Exaggerator the second-choice, and Mohaymen is third-choice.

Will-pays for $1 doubles of Cathryn Sophia to the Derby horses follow (rounded down to nearest dollar): Trojan Nation, $817; Suddenbreakingnews, $157; Creator, $113; Mo Tom, $166; Gun Runner, $99; My Man Sam, $182; Oscar Nominated, $752; Lani, $305; Destin, $132; Whitmore, $353; Exaggerator, $50; Tom’s Ready, $530; Nyquist, $29; Mohaymen, $68; Outwork, $176; Shagaf, $384; Mor Spirit, $108; Majesto, $625; Brody’s Cause, $147; and Danzing Candy, $217.

How much do you think will be bet at Churchill Downs this Derby? There was $12 million wagered on the actual 2015 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. The record for the Derby at the actual track is $12.3 million in 2012.